API intermediates

"We are the leading manufacturer & exporter of a broad ranger of pharmaceutical intermediates which are extensively used in various pharmaceutical companies & research laboratories"

Heterocyclic compound

Any of a class of organic compounds whose molecules contain one or more rings of atoms other than carbon,most frequently oxygen, nitrogen...ect

Custom Synthesis industry

We specialise in synthesis (hundreds grams up to Kg quantities ) of complex organic molecules, including building blocks, compound libraries, rare chemicals

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HongKong BerrPharma Company Ltd is mainly responsible for the administration of the import and export of products. it has developed into a comprehensive chemical enterprise of producing a wide variety of kinds of API series and Rare&Fine chemical series products with the largest scale in China. The company mainly produces 5 series and more than 400 kinds of of products pharmaceutical intermediates, All products are sold to overseas, popular over the world.

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BerrPhamra provides its customers technical support throughout the entire life cycle of their products and continues to improve products to better meet the customers'requirements.

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